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We're Luke & Anna!

We are a husband and wife team with a deep passion for photography and film. Right now we are currently living in our sprinter van traveling around the states documenting love stories across the country! We started this company out of the simple desire to capture what you love and is important to you, and to advertise in new and creative ways. We love building relationships with our clients and being able to capture their vision and we cannot wait to experience that with you!!

husband + wife duo


brings the humor and fun to our little duo. He’s a full blown adventure junky and is always thinking of ways to get creative and make his films the best they can be. He’s often found surfing, rock climbing, biking, running, hiking..… okay basically if you want to find Luke, just go outside! He’s also a total foodie and always knows the best spots to grub.

From the moment he picked up his first camera he was addicted. He got his first gig fresh out of high school and spent four years traveling the country, capturing content, and learning everything he could about film.

Rush Film Company was officially born because of him in 2015 creating unique pieces of art, telling stories, and helping brands/companies reach new audiences. So now six years later here we are further expanding this incredible company to continue to tell stories that will live forever. 

is the hopeless romantic of RFC. She’s a coffee addict and spends most of her days in a coffee shop editing photos and planning our next road trips (or online shopping). She’s a free spirit, aspiring plant lady, and will most likely have a different hair color every time you see her.

As a kid, she bought a tiny digital camera and took pictures of everything. As she got older in high school, she started her small business and it eventually took off making her a full time traveling wedding photographer at 19. She’s head over heels for the man of her dreams and wants nothing more than to capture the love you have for your special person as she has for hers.

You can count on her to slow everything down when taking your photos to get the real, genuine, emotion and memories that we all want to remember and cherish.



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Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, we do! One look was all it took and we were hooked. We both were working for a ministry at the time, traveling across the country.

After getting to know each other and becoming close friends, there was no shadow of a doubt that we were going to get married one day. After ministry, we dated long distance for 3 months, got engaged, and 6 months later said I do under a beautiful waterfall with our closest family and friends surrounding us.

Hey when you know… YOU KNOW!!

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s us. It’s our love and our story. If being married has taught us anything it’s that love is always the answer.

Your story, experiences and passions are unique and wonderful in their own way and they DESERVE to be captured because they‘re well….. you!

Photos and videos are your own personal way of time travel and holding onto what’s valuable to you and we would love nothing more than to give that to you!